• Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.

    Jamie Paolinetti
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  • Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.

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  • Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

    Joshua J. Marine
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  • Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breathe away.

    Maya Angelou
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  • Jamdesign have created marketing strategies and produced brochures, newsletters, press ads, radio and tv commercials – all of which have been effective and a source of great pride to us.

    Dick Lester, LESTER GROUP
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  • People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the people who are doing it.

    Chinese Proverb
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  • Jamdesign’s advertising for Mitie is striking, refreshing and memorable. Most importantly, it works.

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  • The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

    Ayn Rand
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  • You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

    Christopher Columbus
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  • We needed a website that would turn heads fast. The Jamdesign team live and breath the internet and gave us an irresistible result.

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About Jamdesign

From our own research we have found there are 6 major reasons why our clients come to Jamdesign. These are:

At Jamdesign we are dedicated to the belief that properly conceived and designed, professionally executed advertising, internet, direct marketing, business to business and presentation materials are of the utmost importance to any organisation wanting to compete and succeed in their marketplace.

Our creative and design people are all true professionals, highly qualified, experienced and above all, exceptionally talented. Producing ‘cut-through’ work is our trademark.

Our principal, Ron Jenkin, has spent 43 years in the Australian advertising marketplace, carving out a reputation for excellence. In that time, he and his creative teams have achieved 56 advertising and design awards.

Great client service is of paramount importance to us here at Jamdesign. All the great ideas and work we produce will amount to nothing if we are unable to maintain a close, trusting relationship with our clients.

We are fastidious about great communication with and reporting back to our clients. Managing our client expectations is the only way we can sustain a consistency of excellence, and we make no apologies for our no nonsense, cut to the chase approach.

Other major factors for us in delivering great client service is our ability to listen very carefully to a client’s wants, needs and desires. Add to that our experience in doing our homework and developing a deep understanding of our client’s marketplace, customers, competitotrs and marketing advantages or problems.

It is true there has been an enormous change in marketing opportunities and options, and we atake our role in being highly knowledgeable in these new alternatives very seriously.

We demand of ourselves that we remain focused on what is right and what is best for our clients and not what will win us an award or make us more money.

And finally, as a relatively small team and without the typical big ad agency hierarchical structure, Ron Jenkin, owner/director is able to develop and maintain close, hands on relationship with all clients.

Our flat business model means there is no structural hierarchy or expensive executives. Our modest Subiaco premises and minimal admin personnel all amount to much lower operating costs which means reduced hourly rates for our clients.

All our projects are pre-costed, pre-quoted and pre-approved by our clients which are clearly greatly appreciated.

In addition, because of the enormous experience at Jamdesign, clients find we have the ability to achieve faster focus which means a lot less time to reach the right strategy.

Another plus we are able to boast about are our advanced systems for initiating and tracking all jobs through our studio. From our client/project questionnaires and report back forms to our job bag and trafficking process. Our many years in this industry have taught us the best procedures to develop and retain for the benefit of achieving great creative work as well as a smooth workflow and ultimately meeting all deadlines.

These advanced procedures are not rocket science, just well-developed systems that help us develop a tighter brief, a better marketing strategy and advertising plan. We are able to get to the heart of things and come up with the right strategy much more quickly.

This means our clients don’t need to spend a fortune – in fact our processes, experience and talents allow us to develop campaigns that reach the target audience, create awareness and deliver a message for surprisingly little in today’s expensive media scene.

While our first intention is to create ‘game changing’ marketing, branding, graphic design and websites, we remain committed to our responsibility to pay close attention to the detail of our work, and to make recommendations to our clients where we feel improvements or changes are required.

We take this commitment to detail just as seriously as our commitment to fast turnaround. We see no reason to keep our clients waiting longer than expected, but if ever we feel that for some reason we are not being as speedy as we want to be, we certainly make sure we stay in close contact with our client. It’s what we call ‘managing expectations’.

We would be pleased to show any potential client our significant collection of client testimonials, all praising our ability to achieve better than expected results. These clients come from all manner of organisations, some large and some very small.

Inevitably they are unanimous in stating that Jamdesign have surpassed their expectations and are willing and happy to share their experience with anyone seeking a reference on Jamdesign.

More than that, they will want to make a comment about the wealth of experience and wisdom within Jamdesign that they are able to gain from.

The communication industry experience of our top 3 senior creatives and marketers is as follows-

Ron Jenkin – 43 years (designer, creative director, writer, strategist)
Gordon Dawson – 45 years (creative director, writer)
Burditt Krost – 42 years (market researcher, strategist)

Our Awards History

Inevitably an advertising consultancy/design studio is judged on the work it produces and the results it achieves.

We are proud to say we have many client references acknowledging not only the results we have achieved, but also our contribution as a team member and the turnaround speed we have delivered.

More than that, during our many years in the industry, we have won numerous creative awards, nationally and locally.

  • 20 design and art direction awards
  • 6 press and magazine awards
  • 23 TV awards
  • 7 Radio awards
  • 5 ‘most creative agency’ awards
  • 3 ‘agency of the year’ awards


Jamdesign Team

Ron Jenkin
Creative Director, Designer, Writer, Strategist
Shay Fletcher
Art Director, Design and Brand Strategist
Abby Maclachlan
Client service, marketing strategist, media strategist
Marta Kozlowska
Accounts & Admin
Rick Armstrong
Graphic Designer
Dan Urquhart
Web Developer
Burditt Krost
Marketing Strategist, Researcher, Analyst